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標題: 關刀溪森林生態系殼斗科植物之物候週期與天然更新之研究
The phenology and natural regeneration of Fagaceae in Guandaushi forest ecosystem
作者: 李權裕
Lee, ChiuanYu
關鍵字: Gaundaushi forest ecosystem;關刀溪森林生態系;Fagaceae;phenological phases;natural regeneration;殼斗科;物候週期;天然更新
出版社: 生命科學院碩士在職專班

The plant of Fagaceae play very important roles in the forest of Taiwan, they were most pointed to the stude of taxonomy; this study was indicate with phenological observation and natural regeneration explore of Fagaceae in Guandaushi forest ecosystem, these survey deta can supply more abundant information in long-term ecological research.
The phenology of twelve species of Fagaceae in Guandaushi forest ecosystem were observed from September of 2000 to August of 2003. Among the twelve species, only Quercus variabilis is deciduous plant. We found all species buded from February to April. However, the blooming seasons were diverse. Eight species, including Castanopsis eyrei, Castanopsis kawakamii, Cyclobalanopsis glauca, Pasania hancei, Pasania harlandii, Pasania nantoensis, Pasania synbalanos, and Quercus variabilis bloomed once a year, but Castanopsis fargesii, Pasania konishii and Pasania glabra bloom twice or more a year. The fruits of the twelve species all matured from August to December and fell from September to next February. Phenological phases of Fagaceae showed one cycle in a year or in 2 years.
The natural regeneration of Fagaceae in Guandaushi forest ecosystem was investigated at 4 plots from November of 2001 to October of 2003. Quercus variabilis, Pasania glabra and Pasania nantoensis all were resprouters. The mortality of sprouting was very low. There were no seeders found during the period of monitoring. When the upper canopy of the Quercus variabilis, Pasania glabra and Pasania nantoensis dies, it could be regenerated by the sprouting.
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