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標題: TA350及TA613大蒜品種培殖體之延緩生長保存方法探討
Induction of Slow-Growth During In-Vitro Preservation of Garlic (TA350 and TA613)
作者: 張淨環
Chang, Ching-Huan
關鍵字: garlic;大蒜;explant;slow-growth;preservation;mannitol;sorbitol;osmotic potential;growth regulator;培殖體;延緩生長;種原保存;甘露醇;山梨醇;滲透潛勢;生長調節劑
出版社: 生命科學院碩士在職專班
在不同濃度蔗糖處理時,TA613大蒜植株以培養在120g/L蔗糖處理組的延緩生長效果較佳且移植後存活率最高;TA350大蒜植株則以培養在80g/L蔗糖處理組,移植後的存活率最高。若以蔗糖配合甘露醇或山梨醇作為滲透調節物質,發現以培養在含(30g蔗糖+25g山梨醇)/L的MS培養基中的植株存活率最高、生長狀況最佳、生長緩慢,且當培養基中醣溶液的滲透潛勢為-0.60MPa時,移植後植株生長狀況最佳。不同濃度蔗糖及三種不同生長調節劑處理時,發現培養在30g/L蔗糖配合50ppm SADH或1ppm MH或50ppm CCC之處理組植株生長緩慢且移植後生長勢強。

The study aimed to determine the optimum concentration of sucrose that will give the longest cycle of time per subculture. Two varieties of garlic explants grown in- vitro were used in the experiment, namely, TA350 and TA613. Secondly, mannitol or sorbitol were supplemented in the 30 g/L sucrose to give the same osmotic potential as 80g/L and 100g/L sucrose, to determine the best osmo-regulant and osmotic potential of MS medium for reducing the growth and the best prolonged time between subculture. Finally, the plantlets were grown in different concentrations (30g/L, 80 g/L, 100 g/L) of sucrose combination with different concentrations (1ppm, 10ppm, 50ppm) of SADH, MH and CCC to determine the best combination for the conservation of garlic in- vitro.
In the treatments using different concentrations (30g/L, 80g/L, 100g/L, 120g/L, 140g/L) of sucrose, the results showed that the plantlets grew slowly and the survival rate after transplantation is the highest (80%) for the plantlets of TA613 grown in the MS medium with 120g/L sucrose after 483 days of storage. For TA350 plantlets, the survival rate is the highest (100%) in the concentration of 80g/L sucrose.
Plantlets were grown in MS medium with combinations of different sugars: 30g/L sucrose, (30g sucrose + 25g mannitol)/L, (30g sucrose + 35g mannitol)/L, (30g sucrose + 25g sorbitol)/L, (30g sucrose + 36g sorbitol)/L, 80g/L sucrose and 100 g/L sucrose. Plantlets grew slowly and with high survival rate (100%) after 371 days of storage in the MS medium with (30g sucrose + 25g sorbitol)/L. The plantlets increase biomass from an exogenous sucrose supply. However, Mannitol and sorbitol cannot provide the needed supply. Sorbitol is a good osmo-regulant in the MS medium for the cells of garlic. The best sugar osmotic potential is -0.60 MPa for the conservation of garlic in- vitro.
When the plantlets were subjected to different combinations of sucrose concentrations and growth regulators, the plantlets grown in 30g/L sucrose with 50ppm SADH or 1ppm MH or 50ppm CCC showed reduced growth rate in- vitro and high survival rate after transplantation.
With the suitable choice of sucrose, sugar osmotic potential and growth regulator, one should be able to reach the goal in the medium- term preservation of garlic cultured in- vitro.
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