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標題: 在網路上對於不同消費者的4P行銷策略
The 4P marketing strategy for different types of customers on Internet
作者: Chen, Yi-Wen
關鍵字: 行銷策略;Marketing strategy;知覺風險;網際網路;顧客維持;Perceive risk;Internet;customer retention.
出版社: 電子商務研究所
The purpose of this study is to explore the fitness between online 4P and online shoppers. According to GVU (1998), perceive risk consists of four types: financial risk, performance risk, psychological risk, and time risk, and online customers can be therefore classified into these four perceive risks. Data were obtained from a sample of 247 customers who have ever bought products via internet. The findings are fourfold. First, customers prefer to buy low-price products except those who perceive higher psychological risk. Second, customers view tangible and intangible products in similar ways in four groups. Third, customers prefer cash promotion except those who perceive higher time risk. Forth, customers prefer companies using pull approach to attract them in four groups.

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