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標題: 下游圓柱加設隔板對縱列雙圓柱間自激式震盪特性的影響
Influence of Downstream Flat plate on Self-Excited Oscillation between Two Tandem Cylinders
作者: 鄭大瑋
Cheng, Ta-Wei
關鍵字: Tandem cylinders;縱列圓柱;self-excited;flat olate;wavelettransformation;自激式震盪;隔板;小波分析
出版社: 機械工程學系所
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This study focus on the influence of a flat plate, placed behind the downstream cylinder on the self-excited oscillation between two tandem circular cylinders of equal diameter when the Reynolds number was 1000. All experiments were performed in a recirculating water channel. The qualitative flow visualization was couducted by the laser sheet technique. The quantitative velocity measured were using the LDV and the PIV systems.
It is found that the flow characteristics between two cylinders is a self-excited oscillation as the center-to-center spacing is L/D=3.5~5.5.
The flow between two cylinders changes imtermittently when the center-to-center spacing L/D=6.0.
Compared with the results without plate located behind the downstream cylinder.the range of center-to-center spacing of the self-excited oscillations are found to extend wide in both directions .Namely, extensive with L/D=3.5~4.0 and L/D=5.5.Further, the characteristics frequency measured between tandem cylinder is slightly higher than those of without that plate.
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