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標題: 防仿冒策略之研究-針對軟體產品
A Study of Anti-pirate Strategies on Software Product
作者: Wang, Mei-Chien
關鍵字: 盜版;software;軟體盜版;轉換者;piracy;anti-pirate strategy;stayers;switchers
出版社: 科技管理研究所

International piracy has become a serious problem over the past decades, especially in the software industry. The purpose of the study intends to identify anti-pirate strategies on software and discuss the effectiveness of these strategies in three different consumer groups (stayers, dissatisfied switchers, and satisfied switchers). Data were obtained from a sample of 262 Taiwanese who has experiences of buying legal software. The results of this study are threefold. First, pricing, legal, communication and product strategies all have significant impacts on enhancing customer purchase intention of the legal software. Second, the pricing strategy has a greater impact on customer purchase intention of the legal software for the stayers than satisfied and dissatisfied switchers. Third, the communication strategy has a greater impact on customer purchase intention of the legal software for the dissatisfied switchers than stayers and satisfied switchers. Managerial implications and further directions were then discussed.
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