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標題: 不同時期下忠誠度與顧客價值關係
The Relationship between Customer's Value and Loyalty in Different Phases
作者: Huang, Yi-Fan
關鍵字: 軟體產業;software industry;生命周期;忠誠度;功利性價值;快樂性價值;產品利益;life cycle;loyalty;utilitarian;hedonic;benefit of product
出版社: 科技管理研究所
Because customer loyalty can increase profits and reduce costs, it is important in marketing. Today, high-tech is an uncertain environment and previous studies indicate that the typical electronic consumer products have a life cycle ranging from 9 to 18 months. In software industry, according to researches of MIC (Market Intelligence Center) in 2004, the market scale of Taiwan is N.T. 157 billion dollars. In addition, according to the data about stack (, there are 34 listed software companies in Taiwan. In such an uncertain and competitive environment, for software firms, how to use benefits of products to maintain customer loyalty is important.
Previous studies divided value into utilitarian and hedonic values, and each value divided clearly into different benefits of products. These benefits have impacts on customer loyalty. In addition to value, characteristics of customers in different phase are different. Previous studies ever divided life cycle into 3 or 5phase. When samples are divided into more phases, the samples in different phases are less. For accurate exploration, therefore, the study divides phase into two phase, including early phase and late phase. Hence, this study examines impacts of benefits on customer loyalty among different phases.
According to results which measure 368 customers' consumption experience about the software products, this research finds that impacts of benefits of products on loyalty are different. Customers in the early phase care price, quality and aesthetics. Although the ease to use isn't significantly different among phases, it has a significant impact in late phase. In different phases, software firms can provide appropriate benefits of products to maintain customer loyalty.

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