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標題: A Research on Optimized Voice-enabled Web System
作者: Chen, Yenwei
關鍵字: 普及計算;Pervasive Computing;語音功能網站系統;適性化網站;語音使用者介面最適化;基因演算法;Voice-enabled Web System;Adaptive Web sites;Voice User Interface Optimization;Genetic Algorithms
出版社: 電子商務研究所
In recent decades the two great innovations, Internet and mobile phone, have deeply affected people's living styles and habits. Because the mobile phone empowers people use it anywhere and anytime, it makes the penetration rate of mobile phone be much higher than the one of local telephone and Internet in Taiwan.
The concept of pervasive computing emerged in 1990 established an environment for people to connect to Internet anytime and everywhere with any devices. But the usefulness of text-based interaction with mobile devices is limited by the difficulty of interacting with the small, hard-to-read phone screens that are not easy to navigate and impractical for some data. To resolve these issues, we proposed a voice-enabled Web system that enables one single application simultaneously interfacing with various types of distributed devices such as PC's, PDA's, phones, and others.
Based on our proposed system, a voice Web site could be constructed. Voice Web sites, like general Web sites, also contain massive amount of information, and searching for information of interest in them must be a difficult task. To overcome such a problem, by the concept of adaptive Web sites, we designed a genetic-algorithms-based (GAs-based) voice user interface optimization mechanism to identify a better voice Web site map in a simulation approach. Experimental results are presented to indicate that our mechanism is a promising direction to improve the efficiency of voice Web sites.

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