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標題: 台南育六號樹薯超低溫冷凍保存前處理流程之探討
Study of pretreatments for cryopreservation of cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz cv. Tai Nan Yu No. 6)
作者: 陳婉屏
Chen, Wan-Ping
關鍵字: cassava;樹薯;cryopreservation;pretreatments;sucrose;vitrification;冷凍保存;前處理;蔗糖;玻璃化法
出版社: 生命科學系

The purpose of this study is to cryopreserve cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz cv. Tai Nan Yu No.6) by high concentration sucrose medium pretreatment before vitrification. The use of high concentration sucrose medium pretreatment can cause osmotic stress and elevate dehydration and freezing tolerance , so that may improve cryopreservated survival rate. Also, we analyzed the physiological responses of cassava to understand the relations between pretreatment and cryopreserved survival rate.
In this study, the optimal survival rate of cryopreserved shoot tip was achieved when pretreated tissue-cultured plantlets of cassava to 0.2M sucrose medium for 14 days. The survival rate was up to 43%. Based on the physiological measurement, pretreatment with 0.2M and 0.3M sucrose medium, 0.3M sucrose medium pretreatment leaded to more malondialdehyde (MDA) formation, ion leakage value, soluble sugars, sucrose accumulation and lower relative water content, osmotic potential than pretreatment with 0.2M sucrose medium. These results suggested that 0.3M sucrose medium pretreatment caused great damage and the content of sugars in 0.3M sucrose medium pretreatment might not be sufficient to protect the membrane. According to the tested material and protocol in this study, pretreatment with 0.2M sucrose medium is more favorable.
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