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標題: 不同生態習性植物之葉綠素螢光特性研究
The Characteristics Chlorophyll Fluorescence among Plant with Different Ecophysiological Behavior.
作者: 林宗平
Lin, Tsung-Ping
關鍵字: Chlorophyll Fluorescence;葉綠素螢光;Litchi;Acacia;stomatal factor;non-stomatal factor;photoinhibition;荔枝;相思樹;氣孔因子;非氣孔因子;光抑制
出版社: 生命科學系
摘 要
結果顯示在塔塔加地區,各物種之PSⅡ效能(Fv/Fm)會受到季節之影響,在入秋後隨溫度降低而下降,在溫度回暖時逐漸回復。其中玉山假沙梨之Fv/Fm受溫度影響程度最小,台灣二葉松與森氏杜鵑次之。昆欄樹及C3 型禾本科植物(玉山箭竹) 以及C4型植物(高山芒)受到溫度之影響最大。由此可知,Fv/Fm受到溫度的影響程度與C3、C4型植物及針、闊葉並無一定之關係 。

In order to understand the characteristics of chlorophyll fluorescence under different environments among plants with different ecophyiological behavior, two experiments were made in the Tatachia area and the campus of National Chung Hsing University, respectively.
In the Tatachia area, maximum photochemical efficiency of PSⅡ(Fv/Fm)of six tested plants gradual decreased during autumn and recover in spring. It was found that Fv/Fm of all the tested species showed significant correlation with minimum air temperature of the measured day. Among them, the Fv/Fm of Trochodendron aralioides(C3 tree)、Yushania niitakayamensis(C3 Gramineae)and Miscanthus transmorrisonensis(C4 Gramineae) were most influenced by temperature, followed by Pinus taiwanensis (conifer tree)and Rhododendron morii(C3 tree), and Strancaesia niitakayamensis(C3 tree)was influenced slightly by temperature.
When the leaves of litchi and acacia were coated with a water-soluble wax to inhibit the CO2 diffuse into leaves but maintain the water content. It was founded that in high levels of illumination, litchi leaves showed lower levels of Fv/Fm and nonphotochemical fluorescence quenching (NPQ), compared to those of acacia leaves. It could be considered that under higher illumination, CO2 diffusion limited acacia leaves exhibited a higher ability of xanthophyll cycle to dissipate more excess energy to avoid the damage of PSII. Therefore, acacia could adapt to the drought condition, where the stomatal often closure due to water deficits. Besides, NPQ closely related to the energy dissipation could be considered as an advantageous fluorescence parameter for eco-physiological study.
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