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標題: 臺灣小皮傘屬的形態與分子鑑定
Morphological and Molecular Identification of Marasmius in Taiwan
作者: 呂宗霖
Leu, Tzong-Lin
關鍵字: Marasmius;小皮傘屬;phylogenetic tree;primers;Marasmius;親緣關係樹狀圖;phylogenetic tree;引子;primers;RAPD;Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA
出版社: 生命科學系
本研究主要的目的在於以逢機增幅多型性核酸(Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA, RAPD)的方法,進行小皮傘屬真菌的分子鑑定。本實驗所使用的小皮傘屬真菌,包括實驗室蒐集保存的4株、購買自食工所的4株與自行採集的9株,其中7株採集自蕙蓀林場,2株採集自墾丁社頂公園,以及立枯絲核菌1株。經由外觀之形態觀察,與光學顯微鏡觀察小皮傘的帚狀細胞、剛毛、囊狀體、扣子體、孢子等微觀特徵,歸納分類後發現4株臺灣的新紀錄種,分別是異囊小皮傘(Marasmius cf. anisocystidiatus Antonín, Desjardin&Gsell)、布拉迪小皮傘(Marasmius bulliaridi Quél.)、膜蓋小皮傘〔Marasmius cohortalis Bael. var. hymeniicephalus(Speg.)Sing.〕以及雪白小皮傘(Marasmius niveus Mons)。篩選100條UBC引子後,其中UBC 84的引子,對17株小皮傘屬真菌與1株立枯絲核菌,將所產生RAPD的DNA片段資料,經由轉換為對稱性相似度矩陣及 NTSYS-pc的軟體運算後,可以得到親緣關係樹狀圖(phylogenetic tree)。所獲得親緣關係樹狀圖可分為四大群,其中三大群分別代表小皮傘屬分類上不同的節(section),分別為Sect. Chordales、Sect. Globulares、Sect. Sicci series Haematocephali以及另一大群為小皮傘的相似屬Setulipes,進而區分Sect. Marasmius Subsect. Marasmius、Sect. Marasmius Subsect. Sicciformes、Sect. Sicci series Spinulosi這3株菌。傳統形態分類與親緣關係樹狀圖的結果具有一致性。

The purpose of this study mainly proceeded with molecular identification of Marasmius fungi by RAPD(Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA)method. The material used Marasmius strains, included 4 strains were from collection of the laboratory, 4 strains were purchased from the Food Industry Research and Development Institute, 9 strains were collected by myself, in which 7 strains came from the Huisun Experimental Forest, 2 strains came from Kenting Sheting Park, and 1 strain of Rhizoctonia solani. The morphological appearance and characters of Marasmius strains were observed by an optical microscope. After examination of broom cells, setae, cystidia, clamps, spores and so on, 4 strains were identified new record species in Taiwan; i.e. Marasmius cf. anisocystidiatus Antonín, Desjardin & Gsell, Marasmius bulliaridi Quél, Marasmius cohortalis Bael. var. hymeniicephalus(Speg.)Sing., Marasmius niveus Mons. Screened 100 primers, UBC 84 primer among them, for 17 strains of Marasmius strains and 1 strain of Rhizoctonia solani, produced DNA sequences data by RAPD, through transformed symmetrical similarity matrix and NTSYS-pc software operational analysis, which could obtain phylogenetic tree. Obtained phylogenetic tree could separate into 4 main groups. The 3 main groups of 4 main groups respectively represent Marasmius strains different sections in classification status, respectively Sect. Chordales, Sect. Globulares, Sect. Sicci series Haematocephali and another main groups Setulipes is similar genus of Marasmius, still can differentiate this 3 strains among Sect. Marasmius Subsect. Marasmius, Sect. Marasmius Subsect. Sicciform and Sect. Sicci series Spinulosi. Traditional morphological taxology is identical with phylogenetic tree.
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