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標題: 微米級進給系統之熱抑制影響研究
A research of thermal restrain influence on the Micro-machine tool feed system
作者: 張桂榮
Chang, Gwai-Rong
關鍵字: Machine tool;工具機;thermal error;thermal deformation;thermal restrain;feeding system;熱誤差;熱變形;進給系統;熱抑制
出版社: 機械工程學系所
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本研究針對新開發之熱抑制進給系統做各元件的模擬與分析,輔以線上實驗做系統性的驗證。模擬部分先將主要熱源所產生的熱量多寡先行計算,再輸入至Fluent軟體內進行熱抑制元件與流量之間的關係,配合定位精度實驗,探討其流量與定位精度之間的關係。經實驗與模擬證明,在流量單位為2 (L/Min)時,可有效降低其發熱量,且重複定位精度誤差小於1μm,達到熱抑制的功能。

In recent years, due to the rapid development of the electronics industry and the requirements of machining accuracy and quality contribute to the growth of machine tool, the thermal error problem becomes more and more attention. Because the rotating component in rotation produces a quite of heat, reducing or inhibiting its heat generation is the most important problem.
In this study, focus the ITRI thermal restrain feed system, with simulation and analysis of the various conditions, with online experiments verification. In simulation part, firstly calculating the amount of heat, then input to the software to analysis the relationship between the positioning accuracy with the experiment. The results show with the mass flow rate 2 (L/Min), it can effectively reduce heat and improve the positioning accuracy less than 1μm. The result proves it can help the machine tool to achieve high standard of machine tool technique.
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