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標題: 個人化電子型錄系統之設計
Design of a Personalized E-Catalog System
作者: 林純鈺
Lin, Chun-Yu
關鍵字: E-catalog;電子型錄;Personalization;Recommendation;Online Shopping;個人化推薦;線上購物
出版社: 電子商務研究所
With the development of E-commerce, the E-catalog plays as a medium role between buyers and sellers. Sellers could show products information completely to their customers and provide them with purchasing reference through E-catalog. However, E-catalog not only presents product information but also offers different services to customers. This research proposes a personalized E-catalog to enhance users' purchase intention and promote their satisfaction through individualized services.
This study adopts questionnaire survey to obtain data. Three hundred and four valid questionnaires are used for statistical analysis, including factor analysis, t-test, correlation analysis, and structural equation model. The study draws the following conclusions: (1) The components comprise personalized E-catalog are interactive and preference mechanisms. (2) The effectiveness of personalized E-catalog could be measured by playfulness, usability, and navigation efficiency. (3) Whether respondents have the experience to use E-catalog or not, there are no significant differences on their perceptions of personalized E-catalog design and effectiveness measurement. (4) The components comprise personalized E-catalog have positive relationship with E-catalog effectiveness.
In order to represent the personalized product information in E-catalog, this research reforms a personalized method based on product features. First, the personalized E-catalog system accumulates users' transaction history and navigation behavior records. Second, the system calculates users' preference of product features which comprises the user profile. Third, it generates the possible products that users may be most interested in by matching and computing the similarity level s between products profiles and customer profile. Finally, it displays the products that may attract users in E-catalogs and furthermore achieve the goal of E-catalog personalization.

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