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標題: 彩色海芋癒合組織之誘導
Callus Induction of Zantedeschia hybrida in Combination with Culture Medium and Growth Regulators
作者: 鄒岳廷
Tzou, Yueh-Ting
關鍵字: Zantedeschia hybrida;彩色海芋彩色海芋
出版社: 生命科學院碩士在職專班
彩色海芋不但色彩鮮麗,更具有極久的瓶插壽命深受消費者喜愛,但因目前種球昂貴,且栽培困難,易受軟腐病與毒素病的危害,切花產量少價位高,近來有意栽培之業者漸增,為促使這項新興作物尋求更大的突破,使彩色海芋開拓美好前景,本實驗第一部分,以Best gold組培苗之葉子及擬胚體為材枓,由MS、B5為基本培養基,找出最佳培養基及生長調節劑之濃度,第二部分則以Best gold tube切口上長出之癒合組織繼代培養,希望增加癒合組織再生誘導率來降低組培苗的成本,更進一步能夠藉此系統轉殖適當之抗軟腐病基因。
研究結果顯示第一部分,不論葉子及擬胚體均以B5基本培養基,生長調節劑2,4-D 0.5ppm BA 1 ppm有最佳之誘導率;第二部分癒合組織繼代培養,B5基本培養基,生長調節劑2,4-D 0.5 ppm BA 1-2 ppm 有最佳增生效果。

Zantedeschia hybrida is highly economic cutting flower. Not only its colorful appearance, but also long-life flowering in vessel attract people's attention. Due to the high price of its tuber, and very sensitive to some bacterial pathogens in the soil, Zantedeschia hybrida is hard to maintain its quantity and quality in propagation. At present, a lot of biotech company put more investment on reseach to increase their production of it.
This study focuses on the sutiable culture medium preparation and growth regulators ratio to increase its economic cost(lowering the cost)and quality(making diseased-resistant callus).
Based on the experiment, the results showing B5 medium in combination with the growth regulator 2,4-D 0.5 ppm and BA 1 ppm may be the adequate medium for callus induction. Furthermore, the second part of results indicating that B5 medium in combination with the growth regulator 2,4-D 0.5 ppm and BA 1-2 ppm may be the adequate medium for propagation of secondary-generation callus.
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