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標題: Kyoho,Honey Red 及 Himrod Seedless 葡萄品種培植體之延緩生長保存方法探討
Study of reduced-growth storage methods on the plantlets of grape in vitro(Kyoho, Honey Red and Himrod Seedless)
作者: 黃瓊芬
關鍵字: 品種保存;葡萄
出版社: 生命科學院碩士在職專班
以四種溫度25℃、20℃、15℃及10℃,配合0.5%、3%及6%蔗糖濃度之培養基,處理巨峰(Kyoho)(Vitis vinifera L.x Vitis labruscana Bailey)、蜜紅(Honey Red)(Vitis vinifera L.x Vitis labrusca L.)及喜樂無子葡萄(Himrod Seedless)(Vitis vinifera L.x Vitis labrusca L.)三種葡萄品種之組織培養苗,探討植株在不同溫度及蔗糖濃度處理下的生物量改變及生理反應;另外,添加植物生長延緩劑MHPS或SADH各0.1、1及10 ppm於3%蔗糖培養基中,以期能降低植株生長速率,進而篩檢出最適當延長繼代培養之條件。由不同溫度及蔗糖濃度處理試驗結果顯示,以10℃低溫配合0.5%及3%蔗糖濃度處理下,會造成組織培養苗植株增長量、新生葉片數、鮮重增加量、葉片相對含水量及發根率等生物量顯著降低,但存活率不受影響,光合速率隨低溫而降低,但呼吸速率差異不明顯,而達到緩慢生長目的。
另生長延緩劑處理顯示,MHPS或SADH各1ppm對組織培養苗之植株增長量及新生葉片數顯著降低,各延緩劑濃度處理對生存率影響差異不大,MHSP 0.1ppm及SADH 1ppm對上述3種葡萄組織培養苗之鮮重增加量也有明顯降低情形,而MHPS 或 SADH各0.1、1及10ppm對喜樂無子葡萄發根率有促進作用。

The aims of this study were to elucidate the effects of different temperature(10℃,15℃,20℃ and 25℃)and sucrose concentration(0.5%,3% and 6%)on growth and physiological characteristics of Kyoho,Honey Red and Himrod Seedless tissue culture plantlet;subject to MHPS and SADH 0.1、1 and 10ppm on 3% sucrose medium in order to reduce growth and select the best way for prolonged subculture。 The results shown that above low temperature of different sucrose concentration treatment can lead to decrease of tissue culture plantlets stem elongation and rooting rate but survival was still the same,photosynthetic rate was decreased under low temperature but respiratory rate was not obviously change。
Plant growth retardants treatments showed that stem elongation and new expanded leaf number of the tissue culture plantlet plant were decreased under MHPS 1ppm and SADH treatments,The change of survival rate,photosynthetic rate and respiratory rate were unobvious,analysis of plant height,new expanded leave number,rooting rate,fresh weight and relative water content with under MHPS 0.1 ppm and SADH
10 ppm showed promoted effects。
In addition leaf relative water content of grape tissue culture was decreased under low temperature but was unobvious changed when subject to 1ppm or other concentrations of MHPS and SADH treatment。
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