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標題: 銀杏葉萃取物充填聚乳酸-聚甘醇酸共聚合物(PLGA)導管內襯許旺氏細胞於大白鼠坐骨神經再生之肌電圖評估
Assessment of Electromyography on Regeneration of Severed Rat Sciatic Nerve through Schwann cell- seeded PLGA Conduit filled with Ginkgo biloba Extract
作者: 林芳村
Lin , Fang-tsun
關鍵字: Ginkgo biloba Extract;銀杏葉萃取物;PLGA Conduit;Schwann cell;Nerve Regeneration;Electromyography;聚乳酸-聚甘醇酸共聚合物導管;許旺氏細胞;神經再生;肌電圖
出版社: 生命科學院碩士在職專班
依據目前對於神經細胞再生所做的研究,可以得知神經的再生成功與否端賴於Schwann cell能否在神經再生的過程中扮演一個導引的角色。因此在神經導管修補法中,選擇理想的神經導管、結合管壁充填Schwann細胞、加入具有刺激神經再生的物質、配合純熟的外科顯微手術是缺一不可的方法。
本實驗使用20隻體重為250∼300公克健康的雄性SD品系大白鼠。將其右後肢的坐骨神經截斷,形成10mm的缺損後。利用顯微縫合技術,以聚乳酸聚甘醇酸共聚合物導管,充填許旺氏細胞予以修補。所有的大白鼠分成對照組(自體神經組)以及四組實驗組(神經導管組)。在實驗組中,導管分別被灌注0、10、50、100 g/ml不等濃度的銀杏葉萃取液。
研究結果發現:代表去神經狀態的動作電位及正相銳波,有逐週下降的趨勢。而代表神經再生的運動單位動作電位,雖然在第2週並未出現,但4週開始出現並逐漸加大振幅。最佳的實驗結果組別濃度為10 g/ml。

In the recent study, Schwann cell guidance channel plays an important role in the nerve regeneration. For this reason, there are some major methods to accomplish a successful nerve conduit study, including choice of ideal conduit, seeding with Schwann cell, skilled microscopic technique, and so on.
In this study, 20 Spraque-Dawley rats weighting 300 50 gm were used. The right sciatic nerves of the rats were transected with gaps of 10mm and bridged with Schwann cell seeded PLGA conduits under microscopic repair. Among the conduits were filled with different concentration experiment groups, of Ginkgo biloba extract (0,10,50,100 mg/ml).
The rats were assigned to our control group (Autologous nerve) and four experiment groups (nerve conduits). All animals were studied with serial needle electromyography (EMG) at the 2nd, 4th and 6th week following nerve section.
In animal sequentially followed, fibrillation potential & positive sharp wave amplitudes varied from week to week. However, the overall trend was amplitude decay. The MUAPs was absent at the 2nd week, but generated at the 4th week and the amplitudes increased gradually. It represents the first sign of regeneration of a previously totally denervated muscle. The best condition used in this experiment was 10 mg/ml of Ginkgo biloba extract.
For the results, the Ginkgo biloba extract could enhance the regeneration and the functional recovery of the peripheral nerve. Besides, needle electromyography could provide the useful information about the severity, duration and prognosis of a nerve lesion. It is the most powerful tool of the electromyography study.
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