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標題: 如何鼓勵消費者使用合法線上音樂
How to Encourage Customers Using Online Legitimate Music
作者: Nieh, Min-En
關鍵字: 線上音樂;online music;盜版;保留策略;檔案分享;piracy;retention strategy;file-sharing
出版社: 科技管理研究所

Recently, online music piracy has become the biggest obstacle for online legitimate music providers. To encourage customers to use online legitimate music, both antipirating and retention strategies must be efficiently used. Although past studies have mentioned the strategies for dealing with digital piracy, however, they focused only on possible antipirating strategies. Thus, we provide four generic retention strategies to encourage and retain customers to use online legitimate music: value-added product, lower pricing, legal action, and technological protection strategies. We also classified online music users into two segments: legal users and file-sharing users to provide further managerial insights.
The results indicate value-added product, lower pricing, legal action, and technological protection strategies all enhance customer purchase intentions toward online legitimate music. The lower-pricing strategy and value-added product strategy are more useful for file-sharing users. Both the legal action and technological protection strategies have greater impacts on legal users. From a firm perspective, value-added product and lower-pricing strategies, which establish customers' true attitudinal and behavioral loyalty rather than raise the barrier and penalty, are more useful across legal users and file-sharing users.
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