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標題: 車用引擎動力系統之動態模擬
Dynamic Simulation of the Powertrain System of Automotive
作者: 葉源森
關鍵字: dynamic simulation;動態模擬
出版社: 機械工程學系
本篇論文是將建立完成的四行程汽油引擎動態數學模式利用動力計配合一部CEFIRO 2.0汽油引擎及監控資料擷取系統,進行pulse、ramp和sine等三種不同油門控制方式,量測其引擎轉速變化,再與同條件模擬出的結果做引擎參數的調校,以便將模擬軟體之引擎動態模式修改成實際CEFIRO 2.0汽油引擎。
研究中發現,在車輛行駛過程之引擎動態模擬中得到CEFIRO2.0手排車極速為166.8km/hr。而在車速控制系統中,以 PI控制器進行閉迴路控制時,可藉由調整其參數來達到控制效果,而控制參數kp=2.4、ki=2.2的組合具有最佳的控制效果;另外在指定的行車型態中進行引擎排出CO濃度變化的模擬,發現裝有燃油中斷裝置車輛在減速程度較大的時段CO濃度明顯下降很多,趨近於零,有效改善沒有燃油中斷裝置在此時段CO濃度過高之弊。

In this thesis, an dynamic mathematical mode established for four-cycle gasoline engine and a dynamometer were used in association with a gasoline engine on a CEFIRO 2.0 automobile and a monitoring data acquisition system to carry out three different manners of throttle control: pulse, ramp and sine. Measurements of engine's rpm variation were made in comparison with the outcomes of simulation under the identical conditions to tune the engine's parameters so that the engine's dynamic mode of simulation software can be modified to become a practical CEFIRO 2.0 gasoline engine.
The establishment of dynamic mathematical model for diverse loads of torque exerting on engine while driving the automobile and the establishment of speed control system for the automobile were followed; meanwhile, the speed variations of vehicle were input into the simulation software instead of the entry of throttle's opening variation; and next, the PI controller was used to manipulate the variation of opening control for throttle to achieve the desired variation of speed. Finally, the simulation pertaining to the emission variation of CO concentration exhausted from the engine was performed on the designated driving pattern of FTP-75. Thus, the simulation on a NISSAN manual gear-shifting CEFIRO 2.0 automobile to study the variety of dynamic reactions and variations for engine's powertrain system during the practical driving process is complete.
It is discovered from the study that a speed limit of 166.8 km/hr for the CEFIRO 2.0 manual gear-shifting automobile is obtained from the dynamic simulation of engine during the vehicle's driving process. In the speed control system where the closed loop control is manipulated by PI controller, effectiveness of control is achievable by tuning its parameters while the combination of parameters kp=2.4 and ki=2.2 can access the optimum controlling effectiveness. In addition, when performing the simulation for the variation of CO concentration exhausted from engine in a specified driving pattern by reducing the speed largely, it is found out that the vehicle with a fuel cut-off device mounted can access a significant reduction of CO concentration, approaching the zero emission; the disadvantage of excessive CO concentration emitted at such a speed reduction period without a fuel cut-off device mounted has been improved effectively.
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