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標題: 立枯絲核菌菌株CHU341之線形質體pCHU341的定序策略
Sequencing strategies of a linear plasmid-like DNA pCHU341 in Rhizoctonia solani strain CHU341
作者: 凌玉龍
Ling, Yu-Long
關鍵字: Rhizoctonia solani;立枯絲核菌;linear plasmid;Sequencing;線形質體;定序
出版社: 植物學系
本研究利用真菌線狀質體 DNA鹼性溶離法,篩選立枯絲核菌質體DNA存在
之質體大小均約2.6Kb,並有二倍體存在。而在抽取真菌質體 DNA之方法
得大量質體DNA供作研究;但若要作質體 DNA選殖研究,就必需採用真菌
質體 DNA鹼性溶離法獲得質體DNA,減少染色體DNA之干擾。純化之
並定序之。目前已將 pCHU341之BamH I片段定序完畢,共564bp。本研究
中為選殖質體DNA末端序列,嘗試利用單一 primer進行質體DNA末端序列
之PCR倍增,以嘗試提供一簡單可行之方法,選殖質體 DNA末端序列,最

The alkaline lysis method for linear plasmid DNA is used to
isolate the plasmid DNA from Rhizoctonia solani CHU341. The
plasmids in fourteen strains of R. solani were tested.It
indicates that 11 strains of the fungi contain plasmid. The
size of the extracted plasmid, pCHU341, is about 2.6 kb and
some strains have dimer-type plasmids. DNAs of R. solani
were extracted by two ways: 1. Extracting total DNA in order
to get much amount of plasmid DNA for restriction enzymes
mapping study. 2. Using the alkaline lysis method for DNA
cloning,it reduces the contamination from chromosomal DNA. The
purified DNA of pCHU341 was digested with restriction enzymes.
The DNA was subcloned and sequenced with the ing vector.
The BamH I fragment of pCHU341 has beenin 564bp. In order to
clone the terminal fragment of pCHU341, the methods of
polymerase chain reaction and single primer to amplify the
DNA of terminal fragment of pCHU341 were used.The probability
and practicality of these two methods to clone the terminal
fragment DNA of pCHU341 were discussed.
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