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標題: 瑞岩溪自然保護區植群之研究
Vegetation study on the Zueyenshi nature reserve
作者: 陳信佑
Chen, Shin-Yow
關鍵字: Zueyenshi;瑞岩溪;nature reserve;vegetation;Taxus mairei;Cephalotaxus;自然保護區;植群;臺灣紅豆杉;威氏粗榧;野火
出版社: 植物學系
埔里事業區第 132至 135林班,總面積約1450公頃,海拔高度自1210公尺
至 3416公尺,植物資源相當豐富。在本區調查到的維管束植物有 142科
412屬 718種,經歸群分析,可分為五大群團,分別是:Ⅰ、冷杉林帶;

For preserving the representative ecosystem and the
rare species in central Taiwan, the Taiwan Forest Bureaus plans
to set up Zueyenshi Nature Reserve. It locates at Nan-Tou
Hsein and includes the 132 to 135 compartments of Puli
Forest District. Elevation ranges from 1210m to 3416m and
total area is about 1450 hectares. There is rich plant
resource in this reserve. Totally 718 taxa, belonging to 142
families and 412 genera were found. Based on cluster
analysis, 5 zone could be identified, including fir forest
zone, alder forest, hemlock forest zone, oak forest zone,
and alpine scrub and grassland. Oak forest zone could be
subdivided into 5 forest types, namely Machilus
zuihoensis- Cinnamomum insularimontamum type , Lithocarpus
lepidocarpus- Turpinia formosana type, Castanopsis carlesii-
Cyclobalanopsis morii-Schima superba type , Taxus
mairei-Cyclobalanopsis stenophylla-Trochodendron aralioides
type, and Chamaecyparis formosensis-Tsuga chinensis type.
Several rare species were found in thisreserve, such as
Symplocos nokoensis, Sinopanax formosana and Rubus liui.
Taxus mairei and Cephalotaxus wilsoniana are two precious and
characteristic tree species. The age structures of these two
populations are not continuous. The establishments of those
two populations were closely related to the
microenvironment of the habitat. Wildfires played important
role in the population dynamics and regeneration of the
coniferous forests. For protecting this reserve, some
strategies have to be conducted.
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