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標題: 非平衡磁控濺鍍之薄膜光學特性研究
The Optical Characteristics Studies of Thin Films by Unbalanced-Magnetron Sputtering Technology
作者: 蔡政達
Tsai, Cheng-Ta
關鍵字: 非平衡磁控濺鍍;Unbalanced Magnetron Sputtering Technology;非全反射鋁膜;穿透率;non-full reflection aluminum thin film;transmission
出版社: 機械工程學系

Aluminum thin film is the only one that has high reflection on ultraviolet to infrared. Therefore, the most of studies and applications in aluminum thin film are focused on reflectors, microstructure and anti-oxidation etc. There are few studies on the non-full reflection aluminum thin film.
In this study, the Unbalanced Magnetron Sputtering Technology was used to deposit single-layer aluminum thin film coating on the B270 glass substrate. The main points are to analyze thickness and transmission (wavelength on 650nm) on the non-full reflection aluminum thin film by the different factors (operation parameters). Then, the Response Surface Method is used to build transmission regression model. Furthermore, this study has discussed its feasibility which is application to the DVD-9 semi-reflector layer in the end.
Experimental results indicate that the influence degree of the factors reduced deposition rate that it was target-substrate distance greater than power, power greater than working pressure. The influence degree of the factors raised transmission that it was target-substrate distance smaller than power, power smaller than working pressure. The above-mentioned factors of operation range was target-substrate distance from 10cm raised to 25cm, Power from 2030W reduced to 1015W (target is 5*17inch), working pressure from 2mTorr raised to 5mTorr.
The transmission regression model had a little error on 4.39% approximately between observed values and forecasted values. The non-full reflection aluminum thin films still don't to satisfy specifications of the DVD-9 semi-reflector layer at present.
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