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標題: 結合調控式平行相位展開法應用於白光干涉儀量測表面形貌
Application in white light interferometry measurement surface by combination of parallel phase unwrapping algorithm
作者: 黃澤為
Huang, Tse-Wei
關鍵字: 白光干涉術;White-light interference;零階干涉條紋鑑定法;相移法;調控式平行相位展開法;Zero-order interference fringe identification;Phase shifting method;Parallel phase unwrapping algorithm
出版社: 機械工程學系所
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The goal of thesis is to use white light interference technology to rebuild the 3D surface profile of the object. Building up the white light interferometry by combining Mirau object lens and optical microscope, scanning the figure by PZT and finding out the position of Zero-order interference of the interference fringe, the wrapped phase map is obtained from seven-step phase shifting algorithm, then apply the parallel phase unwrapping algorithm to rebuild the 3D surface profiled. Finally, the result of 3D surface profiled can be compared with Zero-order interference fringe identification. In conclusion ,using seven-step phase shifting algorithm can get the best 3D surface profiled.
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