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標題: A study on the demand re-shape for various supplier-retailer partnerships
作者: 王宣富
Wang, Hsuan-Fu
關鍵字: Demand Reshape;需求重整;Risk Pooling;Multi-layered supply chain logistics;Safety stock;E-bidding/purchasing;Long-term partnerships;風險共擔;多階層供應鍊;安全庫存;電子競標/採購;長期夥伴關係
出版社: 科技管理研究所
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經濟自由化、國際化後,全球市場的激烈競爭變的更劇烈,企業的產銷與外包(Outsouring)策略必須緊盯市場脈動隨時調整,因此企業導入接單後,需將生產、外包與全球運籌模式的結合,做一良好且完善的規劃,以應付全球市場供需的變化,此時企業的管理人必須盱衡內外在整體環境局勢、了解全球企業所有資源狀況,並能將所有資源調配整合,其中包括公司的人事、財務、物料、技術、資訊、生產外,並結合上下游成為一個完整的多層次供應鍊(Multi-layered Supply Chain)管理體系,才能即時掌握狀況,將有用的資訊轉換成決策之用,以期用最少的成本與最經濟的方式,能對客戶提供即時即地的服務,為企業、客戶與消費者創造三贏的契機。
本論文提出一個結合需求重整(Demand Reshape)方法的多層次供應鍊架構,以用來評估一多層次供應鍊系統中於一段時間週期內,不同的外包策略在結合需求重整方法下,對於企業獲利(Profit)、服務水準(Service Level)、與成本的影響。在本論文中,所考慮的外包策略主要有:寄售品庫存(Consignment Stock Practice)、長期合作夥伴與資訊共享(Long-term Partnership with Information Sharing) 與競標/電子競標(Competitive bidding/E-bidding) 等三種。所使用的需求重整方法乃是基於風險共擔(competitive bidding/E-bidding)之原則,風險共擔原則可有效降低安全庫存(safety stock),進而降低成本,例如:庫存持有(inventory holding) 與庫存短缺懲罰(shortage penalty) 等。數值模擬結果顯示,使用需求重整方法的多層次供應鍊系統,在考慮的三種外包策略下,皆可降低成本,並維持可信賴的服務水準。

In this paper, a framework with demand reshape is developed to assess the performance of these emerging types of multi-layered supply chains when coupling the outsourcing strategies, whether it is based on competitive bidding/E-bidding or long-term partnerships, with the required level of safety stock that the parent company sets to satisfy the quality of its services. The risk-pooling effect has been documented to benefit inventory systems by reducing the need for safety stock and consequently lowering costs such as inventory holding and shortage penalty. The method of utilizing demand reshape can take advantage of the risk-pooling effect. It is demonstrated that a company can improve its profit by encouraging some of its customers, who intended to purchase one product to switch to another. The effectiveness of this approach is evaluated in various scenarios and found to be very promising.
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