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標題: 影響檢驗TFT-LCD顯示面板缺陷的因素之研究
The factor for inspecting the defect of the TFT-LCD Display
作者: 朱啟郎
Chu, Chi-Lang
關鍵字: TFT-LCD;TFT-LCD;human-inspection;auto optical inspection;Panel defect;Mura;JND.;人員檢驗;自動光學檢驗;面板缺陷;Mura;JND
出版社: 機械工程學系所

The traditional CRT Monitor is large and it will harm human body because of radiation. By comparison with the traditional CRT screen, the TFT-LCD screen is economical electricity, light-thickness, low-level radiation and doesn't occupy volume so the TFT-LCD screen will substitute for the CRT screen. TFT-LCD screen has overcome the low response time and high cost with the improvement of the Science and Technology. So the TFT-LCD Display will be the key point of the Flat Panel Display in the future.
Better performance product and perfect quality will be the main target for the TFT-LCD manufacturer. The defects of TFT-LCD contain point defect, line defect, the outward-appearance defect and Mura. Mura is the most difficult to be solved and inspected. There are two kinds of inspection which are human-inspection and auto optical inspection. The auto optical inspection is not so good to screen out Mura. How to use human-inspection more effectively will be the first priority. The thesis will research the factor of the human-inspection that will influence your judgment. By the experiment, the root cause will be found out and the yield will be improved in the factory.
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