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dc.contributor.authorLu, Po-Weien_US
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dc.description.abstract本論文利用標準TSMC 0.35 μm 2P4M CMOS製程,製作結合無線射頻系統之壓力感測器,分別設計了電容和FET型式的微壓力感測器,並搭配上不同的電路,使用環狀振盪器作為射頻產生器,並搭配電感天線將訊號以無線傳輸方式輸出。壓力計方面均利用半徑為50 μm的圓型壓力薄膜結構,藉由受壓後薄膜的位移改變以感測壓力。其中電容式微壓力計的電路,藉由直流偏壓供給環狀振盪器產生射頻訊號,由電容式微壓力感測器替代電路中的電容,當電容變化會使得輸出頻率變化;此外FET式微壓力感測器則與放大電路結合,當施壓時會使得感測器輸出功率提升,藉由改變輸出訊號的功率以感測壓力。製程完成後利用蝕刻液,以濕式蝕刻方式,將壓力薄膜結構釋放懸浮,並且使用化學沈積系統沈積高分子材料parylene,將壓力空腔封裝,以量測外界與壓力腔的壓差。 根據實驗結果可得知,當電容式微壓力感測器受到500kPa的壓力時,會使得電容提升,而頻率下降,靈敏度約為8 kHz/kPa。而FET式微壓力感測器受到500kPa的壓力後,會隨著壓力上升而使得功率提升,並且增加最大電壓值,經由測量後可得知工作頻率約為70MHz,靈敏度約為0.0148zh_TW
dc.description.abstractWireless micro pressure sensors were manufactured using the standard 0.35 μm CMOS (complementary metal oxide semiconductor) process and a post-CMOS process. In this study, two different pressure sensors were designed, capacitive and FET (field effect transistor) type, and integration with different circuits. Wireless circuits included a ring oscillator and an antenna. The ring oscillator was used to generate RF (radio frequency) signal and the antenna was utilized to transmit the signal output. The capacitive pressure sensor changed in capacitance when applying a pressure to one, and the ring oscillator converted the capacitance variation of the sensor into the RF signal. The frequency of RF signal changed as the capacitance of the sensor varied. The EFT pressure sensor was combined with an amplifier that can amplify the output signal and increase the sensitivity of the sensor. The post-process employed the etchants to etch the sacrificial layers, and to release the suspended structures, and then used a PDS (parylene deposition system) to seal the etching holes in the pressure sensors. The experimental results showed that the capacitive pressure sensor had a sensitivity of about 8 kHz/kPa and the FET pressure sensor had a sensitivity of about 0.08 mV/kPa. The sensitivity of output power in the FET pressure sensor was 0.0148en_US
dc.description.tableofcontents目錄 致謝 i 摘要 iii Abstract iv 目錄 v 圖目錄 vii 第1章 緒論 1 1.1前言 1 1.2微壓力感測器 1 1.3無線射頻技術 3 1.4研究動機 4 第2章 微壓力感測器的設計與分析 5 2.1電容式微壓力感測器的設計 5 2.2電容式微壓力感測器的模擬 7 2.3 FET式微壓力感測器的設計 11 2.4 FET式微壓力感測器的模擬 17 第3章 無線傳輸電路的設計與分析 19 3.1無線射頻電路的設計 19 3.1.1 環狀振盪器 19 3.1.2 放大器電路 23 3.2.3 傳輸天線 25 3.2無線射頻電路的模擬 28 3.2.1環狀振盪器電路模擬 28 3.2.2放大電路模擬 32 3.2.3傳輸天線模擬 35 3.3直流轉射頻訊號電路的設計 37 3.4直流轉射頻訊號電路的模擬 38 第4章 微壓力感測器的製作 41 4.1電容式微壓力感測器的製程 41 4.2 FET式微壓力感測器的製程 46 第5章 實驗結果 51 5.1電容式微壓力感測器 51 5.1.1電容式環狀振盪電路量測 51 5.1.2電容式微壓力計量測 54 5.2 FET式微壓力感測器 57 5.2.1 FET式微壓力感測器電路量測 57 5.2.2 FET式微壓力感測器量測 61 5.2.3無線傳輸量測 68 5.3直流轉射頻訊號電路 70 第6章 結論與未來展望 75 附錄A. 氣體感測器結合CMOS無線傳輸器 77 A.1架構簡介 77 A.2模擬結果 81 A.3後製程流程 83 附錄B. CMOS-MEMS製作隔離驅動與訊號端之微機械開關 85 B.1研究動機 85 B.2架構簡介 85 B.3模擬結果 87 B.4後製程流程 96 B.5量測結果 97 參考文獻 101zh_TW
dc.subjectWireless transmissionen_US
dc.subjectPressure sensorsen_US
dc.titleMicro pressure sensor with wireless transmission circuitsen_US
dc.typeThesis and Dissertationzh_TW
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