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標題: 全域瞬時極化干涉術研究
The Study of Full-Field Instantaneous Polarization Interferometry
作者: 林秀霙
Lin, Shiou-Ying
關鍵字: temporal phase unwrapping;時間域相位展開;phase shifting interferometry;相移干涉術
出版社: 機械工程學系所
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不管是時間相移或是空間相移都需要取出數張光強圖來得到相位資訊,本文提出一個時間域瞬時取像架構,能利用一個CCD(Charge Couple Divice)配合極化分光鏡、分光鏡、波板搭配參考鏡,建立了二場瞬時相位干涉儀及四場瞬時相位干涉儀,可同時取得兩道及四道的光強。之後配合數位影像相關法(Digital Image Correlation)將所取得的數據代入時間域二場公式及四場公式,求得相位差,同時也利用空間域的展開法,求得相位差,並探討及分析兩者的差異性。

It is generally acknowledged that it takes at least several patterns to obtain quantitative phase information. An instantaneous phase-stepping and subsequent temporal phase analysis method, using a CCD camera, PBS, BS, wave plate and mirrors, is proposed for two-bucket phase-stepped interferometer and four-bucket phase-stepped interferometer. The interferometer can deliver two beams or four beams onto a CCD camera at the same time. After acquisition of phase-stepped patterns, using digital image correlation, two-bucket algorithm and four-bucket algorithm yields phase difference. And using spatial phase unwrapping yields phase difference. These results are discussed in this thesis.
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