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標題: 瞬時極化干涉術應用於粗糙面量測之研究
The study for measurement technique of rough surface in instantaneous polarization interferometry
作者: 羅瑞琪
Luo, Reui-Chi
關鍵字: Temporal phase unwrapping;時間域相位展開;Instantaneous polarization interferometer;Phase shifting interferometry;瞬時相位干涉儀;相移干涉術
出版社: 機械工程學系所
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本論文利用了時間域相位展開的理論,在同一個時間內取的幾張不同相位的圖,來求得我們欲求的相位變化。本架構利用四分之ㄧ波板(Quarter-wave plate),偏極板(polarizer),極化分光鏡(Polarized Beam-Splitter, PBS),分光鏡(Beam-Splitter),CCD相機…等光學元件,架設出瞬時相位干涉儀,可以同時擷取到二張不同相位的干涉相移圖,並且利用時間域相位展開的方法,來求出試件的變化量,並且也利用空間域相位展開法,算出相位差並比較分析。

This paper utilize the temporal phase unwrapping theory.Several phase maps are acquired the new proposed instantaneous polarization interferometer in the same time for estimating the desired phase difference. Quarter-wave plates, polarizers, Polarized Beam-splitter, Beam-Splitter, CCD are employed to set this interferometer, it experiments with the two different surfaces for confirming its availability . Then they are shifted for the equal displacement by the same voltage, and the difference between them is compared. Also, the experimental result and subsequent analysis are discussed.
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