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標題: 國內應用彈性製造系統之製造成本模式研究
A case study for manufacturing cost model of Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS) in Taiwan
作者: 許原昇
關鍵字: manufacturing cost;製造成本;FMS;cost model;彈性製造系統;成本模式
出版社: 機械工程學系

It is the competitive advantage of the manufacturing industry that leads to cost reduction and quality assurance. Therefore, at present, the main objective of the manufacturing industry is to take quality and cost into account at the same time. It will be profoundly beneficial for the manufacturing industry to enhance competition if the cost can be predicted and further under control.
The study focuses on the relationship between production manufacturing and unit cost in the area of flexible manufacturing system (FMS) in order to generate a manufacturing cost model which can be applied to the FMS. Moreover, according to various cost data of domestic FMS firms, the model will be examined and then modified. In addition, the study proposes an effective method to estimate the manufacturing cost as far as the FMS is concerned.
The model also exhibites that the residual between estimated cost and real cost is in the range of 0.1% and 11%, which shows that the cost resulted from idle production should be incorporated into the manufacturing cost. Eventually, the research highlights the proportion of each cost factor in the unit manufacturing cost.
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