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標題: TFT-LCD無塵室建廠成本分析及降低
Cost analysis & reduction of TFT-LCD clean room construction
作者: 林光亮
Lin, Kuang-Liang
關鍵字: Construction Management;建廠管理;Clean Room Fab;Design Change;Cost;無塵室廠房;設計變更;成本
出版社: 機械工程學系所
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本研究係假設一面板廠無塵室,首先介紹無塵室所需之基本系統架構,續以該無塵室依傳統手法建造所需之成本分析為基準,共可歸納出三大主要項目,並可分析出影響成本之主要因子,其中又以FFU、Raised floor系統設計為最主要之關鍵,後續評估變更設計方式及風險,探討降低成本之可行性並重新計算各單元之成本,最終統計出一改善後之整體造價,以此基礎做一單位成本比較分析以期能降低無塵室建廠成本設計,提供日後無塵室建廠之依據。

Clean room was built to meet strict environment requirement of high-tech industry process. TFT-LCD panel market competition is so intense that all makers construct new fab continuously to keep economical scale. Annual expenses for clean room construction of this industry exceed hundred billions NTD every year. However, fund collecting during economical crisis became extremely difficult, everyone should consider about how to finish construction under limited budget to access successful project management. Based on clean room specification and design review before construction, people can obtain better design of cost reduction.
The documentation and textbooks relate to cost control rarely have in depth case analysis and investigation retrospectively to the subject above. Also, the research of high-tech fab often focus on the schedule, quality, and management or styles of operation, and rarely in the field of cost management. The construction of fab is big and complicated respectively, and its interface and budget grows immensely. It is important to discuss and analyze thoroughly during planning stage.
In this research, a preliminary boundary condition of TFT-LCD clean room construction was set by specific design. We introduce function of clean room components first. Then we assume the cost base by traditional practices and analyzed it by different function. We can separate all components into 3 groups then we can find out key components of cost. Among them, FFU & raised floor system are the most important items. We assess design change & risk evaluation over these items and check the feasibility. After all we summary cost reduction of design change and compare with traditional design to check cost reduction effect. This research can be used as reference of clean room design management in the future.
其他識別: U0005-1408200911010700
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