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標題: 結構接觸問題新解
A new algorithm for structural contact problems
作者: 簡志達
關鍵字: contact;接觸;natural frequency;mode shape;自然振動頻率;振動模態
出版社: 機械工程學系

In this research, contact problems in structural behaviors are studied. A new algorithm is introduced and the corresponding formulations in both the static and the natural dynamic responses are derived.
The idea of this work is initiated by directly substituting the conditions of compatibility and equilibrium into the finite element formula on the contact regions. Typical structures, such as two-dimensional truss, two-dimension beam, three-dimension frame, spatial plate and solid elements are demonstrated. Results show that the algorithm proposed here is significant and value for further studies such as the prediction of wears at contact regions on two or more structures, sudden impact of structures caused by high-speed rotation or crack-induced parts, etc.
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