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dc.contributor.advisorShean-Juinn Chiouen_US
dc.contributor.authorChang, Kevinen_US
dc.description.abstract機械工程師在設計能提供大輸出力的機構時,在考量製造的方便與成本因素後,常選擇由連桿所構成的肘節機構。有鑑於肘節式機構在鎖模單元的廣泛應用,本研究設計出一個兩片模板式的六連桿肘節式鎖模機構,並應用SQP法對機構的動態表現作最佳化設計,而得到能有效減少模板慣性力對機台振動影響的機構尺寸。 經本研究的分析,發現機台振動的來源包括驅動元件的可壓縮因素、繫桿的變形因素、摩擦力因素及慣性力因素,而本文主要以模板的慣性力分量作為目標函數來對機構之尺寸作一最佳化設計。文中以拉吹成型機之鎖模機構作為分析之模型,利用CAE軟體ADAMS對肘節機構作動態模擬分析與最佳化設計,且將不同尺寸之六連桿肘節式鎖模機構與業界所使用的四連桿型肘節式鎖模機構對機台的振動影響予以比較。對於六連桿肘節式鎖模機構在受力後的動力分析,則是以虛功原理來推導機構系統的動力方程式,在與ADAMS模擬結果驗證後,確認了所建構模型的正確性。zh_TW
dc.description.abstractWhile designing the mechanism of the great output power, considering the issues of convenience and cost in manufacture, mechanical engineers often choose the toggle mechanism made of linkages. For the sake for the wide utilization in the mold-clamping mechanism, the researcher designs a 6-link type mold-clamping toggle mechanism with two mold plates. Besides that, the researcher also applies the SQP method to the dynamic appearance of the mechanism and tries to make an optimum design in order to have the optimal size, which can decrease the vibration of the machine base effectively. Through the analysis of the literature, there are several origins of the vibration, including the condensation of the driver, the distortion of the tie bar, the friction force, and the inertia force. The researcher uses the inertia force of the mold plates as the objective to have the optimal size of the mechanism. During the research, the stretch blow moulding machine is used as an analysis module; the CAE software, ADAMS, is utilized to do the dynamic simulation of the toggle mechanism and make the optimum design. Besides, the influences on the machine vibration by different sizes of 6-link type mold-clamping toggle mechanism are compared to those by 4-link type mold-clamping toggle mechanism used by the industry society. For the dynamic analysis of the 6-link type mold-clamping toggle mechanism, virtual work theorem used to solve the equation of motion of the mechanism system, being verified by the simulated result of ADAMS, it is confirmed the accuracy of the constructed model.en_US
dc.description.tableofcontents摘要 i Abstract ii 目錄 iii 圖目錄 v 表目錄 vii 符號表 viii 第一章 序論 1 1.1前言 1 1.2文獻回顧 1 1.3肘節機構介紹 4 1.3.1肘節機構之應用 4 1.3.2鎖模機構之類型 4 1.4研究目的與論文架構 6 第二章 理論推導及介紹 7 2.1四連桿型肘節鎖模機構分析 7 2.1.1機構說明 7 2.1.2運動分析 8 2.1.3四連桿型肘節式鎖模機構振動分析 8 2.2六連桿型肘節機構分析 14 2.2.1機構說明 14 2.2.2運動分析 16 2.2.3動力分析 19 2.2.4振動分析 20 2.3最佳化理論 23 2.3.1六連桿鎖模機構尺寸設計 23 第三章 電腦程式模擬分析及最佳化設計 26 3.1 ADAMS介紹 26 3.2 ADAMS機構模型參數化建構 27 3.3利用ADAMS對六連桿機構作尺寸最佳化設計 28 3.4動態模擬分析 30 3.4.1四連桿型拉吹成型機分析模型建構 32 3.4.2六連桿型拉吹成型機分析模型建構 33 第四章 結果與討論 36 4.1動態分析結果驗證 36 4.1.1驗證一(四連桿曲柄滑塊機構) 36 4.1.2驗證二(六連桿肘節機構) 38 4.1.3驗證三(六連桿肘節機構) 40 4.1.4驗證四(六連桿肘節機構) 42 4.1.5驗證五(六連桿肘節機構) 43 4.2六連桿肘節式鎖模機構尺寸設計 45 4.2.1設計一 46 4.2.2設計二 51 4.3四連桿與六連桿肘節式鎖模機構特性比較 56 4.3.1運動特徵比較 57 4.3.2機台振動情形比較 62 五、結論與建議 71 參考文獻 74 附錄一 多變數有限制條件之最佳化方法及理論 77 附錄二 利用虛功原理推導六連桿肘節機構動力方程式之程式碼 80zh_TW
dc.subjectmold-clamping toggle mechanismen_US
dc.subjectstretch blow moulding machineen_US
dc.titleDesign and Analysis of 6-link Type Mold-Clamping Toggle Mechanismen_US
dc.typeThesis and Dissertationzh_TW
item.openairetypeThesis and Dissertation-
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