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標題: 杯型鍛造合金鋼調質處理製程參數之研究
The Research On Manufacture Parametric Of Modification Treatment Of Cup Forging Of Alloy Steel
作者: 鄧永勤
Teng, Young-Chin
關鍵字: Taguchi Method;田口;Cr-Mo Steel;quenching and tempering;鉻鉬鋼;調質處理
出版社: 機械工程學系所
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SAE 4140鉻鉬鋼,其具有良好之機械性質、熱處理性質、切削性、銲接性之材料,而廣泛的應用於航太工業、石化工業、農用機具、國防工業上,但其優異性質的發揮,必須藉由適當的熱處理來達成,在熱處理製程上有很多影響參數,如固溶及回火溫度的高低及持溫時間的長短,甚至使用爐具設備種類及前後處理方式等等,均對熱處理的品質有極大的影響。
本文針對SAE 4140合金鋼鍛造材料,利用田口品質工程技術,來研究探討其調質處理最佳製程參數。 經實驗結果選定最佳條件後,在經確認實驗其重現性非常良好,且能控制表面硬度,在厚(上)端與薄(下)端的硬度差在HRC 1.5以內,及控制表面與心部的硬度差在HRC 2~HRC 2.5之範圍的品質要求。

The SAE 4140 Cr-Mo Steel is a material which has good mechanical properties, heat treatment, cutting, welding, and it's widely used in aerospace industry, petrochemical industry, agricultural machinery, national defense industry. To effective use of it, need appropriate heat treatment to achiever, and it has variety parameters in process, such as the level of temperature of tempering and the length of continuous temperature, which have the great impact on the quality.
In this paper, use Taguchi Method to study and explore the best parameter of quenching and tempering on the material of SAE 4140. The results show in experiments after selecting the best conduction is very good, and it can be controlled the surface hardness and in the thick (Upper) side and thin (Bottom) side of the hardness difference of HRC 1.5 or less, and to meet the requirement between HRC 2 to HRC 2.5 of the surface and the heart hardness.
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