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標題: 三維多孔間隙隔板通道之紊流熱傳數值模擬分析
Numerical Simulation of Turbulent Heat Transfer in a Three- Dimensional Channel with Porous Baffles
作者: 陳佩孚
Chen, Pei-Fu
關鍵字: three-dimensional;三維;porous medium;heat exchanger;多孔性介質;熱交換器;紊流
出版社: 機械工程學系
本文利用計算流體力學PHOENICS軟體來模擬一紊流三維渠道內放置多個多孔性隔板流場。採用連續方程式和動量方程式,並配合SIMPLE-C法則與κ-ε雙方程式紊流模式,並以控制體積法建立有限差分方程式。多孔性隔板交插地放置在底部及頂部,並且改變各種物理參數,諸如雷諾數的大小(Re=10000~50000)、多孔隙隔板的孔隙度(0%、20%及42%)、多孔隙隔板的寬度比(w/W= 1/4、1/2、3/4及1)、多孔隙隔板的高度比(h/H= 0.25、0.5及0.75)等等,看看其對平均紐塞數及摩擦係數的影響。

In this study , a computational fluid (CFD) code , PHOENICS is used to calculate the three-dimensional nature of turbulent flow in a channel with porous baffles. Owing to the turbulent characteristic by the porous baffles flowfield, the continuity equation , momentum equation , and the k-ε turbulence model are adopted to construct the model with control volume integration for finite difference associated with SIMPLE-C algorithm .The porous baffles are arranged on the bottom and top channel walls in a staggered manner. And we will investigate the various parameters , such as Reynolds number(Re= 10000 to 50000) and the porosity of the baffle (0%,20% and 42%), respectively; the baffle broad ratio (w/W=1/4,1/2,3/4 and 1) and the baffle height ratio (h/H=0.25,0.5 and 0.75). The correlation for the average Nusselt number and friction factor are also developed in terms of flow and baffled parameters .
From the present result result , the average Nusselt number of a 3-D duct in the porous baffle is higher about 63~73% than the solid baffle when the baffle height and Reynolds number of flow field are fixed. And the friction factor of solid baffle is higher about 65~81% than the porous baffle. Consequently, the results of the investigation will provide a reference and fundamental optimize design for the porous baffle in the heat exchanger.
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