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標題: 具輔助翼飛行器之靜動態氣動力特性水洞試驗
Static and Dynamic Aerocharacteristics Testing of a Strake-Wing Aerial Vehicle in Water Tunnel
作者: 張立民
Chang, Li-Ming
關鍵字: Static and Dynamic Testing;靜動態試驗;NASA TP-1803;Water tunnel;Flow visualization;Aerodynamic characteristics;NASA TP-1803;水洞;流場觀測;氣動力特性
出版社: 機械工程學系所
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先進戰機輔助翼與主翼的結合設計具有某些空氣動力學之優勢潛力,近年來已成為重要的研究課題。本文主要以水洞流場觀測探討具輔助翼之NASA TP-1803模型在靜態與動態條件下之高攻角氣動力特性。本實驗包含在兩個側滑角(β = 0度、10度)狀況下,不同的動態俯仰頻率之氣動力特性,並與靜態試驗作比較。在靜態攻角為20度至50度的實驗條件下,當側滑角為10度時,輔助翼與主翼發生渦流破裂是較晚於當側滑角0度時,實驗顯示模型於側滑角10度時之正向力係數大於當側滑角為0度時。同時在動態下俯過程中,氣動力中心提供機鼻向上更多的動量,與靜態條件下比較,縱向顯然更不穩定。此外,不同的側滑角使渦流產生非對稱破裂並對滾轉動量係數有顯著的影響。而當動態俯仰頻率增加時,主翼上的渦流流線變得更長並在動態上仰過程中提供更多的正向力,遲滯環亦隨動態俯仰頻率的增加變大。

Advanced fighter design with strake-wing configuration has certain aerodynamics superiority potential, therefore the associated researches have become more important in recent decades. This paper is focused on flow visualization, normal force and pitch/roll moments testing of the NASA TP-1803 strake-wing model at high attack angles. Whereas the dynamic aerocharacteristics pitching with various reduced frequencies and two sideslip angles β = 0° and 10° in the water tunnel are compared with those for static case. For α = 20°~50°, the strake/wing vortices breakdown positions occur later for β = 10° than for β = 0°. The value of normal force coefficient under sideslip angle β = 10° is greater than β = 0° at high attack angles. In the pitch-down process, the aerodynamic center creates a nose-up pitching moment and the model would become unstable condition compared with static condition. The significant asymmetrical vortex breakdown over the strake/wing has great effect on roll moment coefficients for large sideslip angle. As the pitch reduced frequency increases, the vortices of the wing cause to sustain longer flow lines and provide more normal force during pitch-up motion. Besides, the hysteresis loop of normal force curve is larger for higher reduced frequencies.
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