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標題: 利用稜鏡型全像光學元件之微型光學讀寫頭設計
Small-Form-Factor Optical Pickup Head Design Using Prism-Type Holographic Optical Element
作者: 呂竣鑫
Lu, Chun-Shin
關鍵字: prism-type holographic optical element;稜鏡式全像光學元件;small-form factor optical pickup head;binary optics;微型光學讀寫頭;二元光學
出版社: 機械工程學系所
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在本研究中,提出一個利用稜鏡式全像光學元件(prism-type holographic optical element,PT-HOE)的光學架構來縮簡光路系統,並且減少光學元件的數目以用於微型光學讀寫頭(small form factor optical pickup head,SFFOPH)中。其稜鏡式全像元件有繞射、反射、修正像差及提供聚焦誤差訊號四個功能,將代替許多光學元件以縮減系統架構。此微型光學讀寫頭設計包含稜鏡式全像元件、45°反射微稜鏡、數值孔徑(NA)為0.65之物鏡及波長405nm之藍光雷射,可應用於藍光高密度光儲存系統中。
光學元件製作方面,以二元光學(binary optics)的方法近似全像光學元件之多項式係數並以半導體製程實現其繞射圖形,並以特定之切割製程完成其稜鏡之外型。在本研究中亦加入公差分析來分析出最可能造成系統誤差的元件,完成光學系統中所需之元件之後,實際組裝完成其光學讀取頭系統架構及以虛像法觀測光斑像散變化,並確定光點位置及變化在線性區內。

In this study, we present an optical configuration of a prism-type holographic optical element (PT-HOE) that can simplify the optical system and reduce the number of optical components for the use of a small-form factor optical pickup head (SFFOPH). The functions of the PT-HOE include diffraction, reflection, aberration correction, and servo-signal generation, which may replace many other optical elements and thereby simplify the system configuration. There are a PT-HOE, a 45 micro-prism, an objective lens with the numerical aperture (NA) of 0.65, and a blue laser with the wavelength of 405 nm in the proposed SFFOPH design. It can be applied to high-density blue-light optical storage systems.
For the fabrication of optical components, we approximated the polynomial coefficient of the PT-HOE by binary optics and obtained its diffraction pattern using semiconductor manufacturing processes. The prism shape of the PT-HOE was fabricated by specific dicing methods. Tolerance analysis was also used to analyze possible causes of systematic errors. When all necessary components of the system were prepared, we completed the construction of the SFFOPH design and observed the astigmatic light beams by the virtual image method. The location and astigmatic change of light beams were confirmed to be within the linear region.
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