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標題: 積體電路設計之熱傳模擬
Electro-thermal simulation for design of VLSI circuits
作者: 廖惇孟
關鍵字: 積體電路;有限差分法;熱阻
出版社: 機械工程學系
本文主要在研究積體電路的熱傳問題。藉由數值方法來模擬積體電路的熱傳行為,及電子電路與熱在IC晶片上的交互關係,經由數值模擬可以了解積體電路的溫度分布與溫度發展的情況。本研究利用三種方法來模擬,包括有限差分法、Fast Thermal Analysis (FTA)、及總熱阻模擬法。有限差分法是最常用的數值分析方法之一,好處是易於程式化。FTA是以Green’s function和error function為基礎所發展出來的方法。總熱阻模擬法則是運用熱傳計算和電阻估計所得的方法。數值模擬的參數包括封裝體材料的熱傳導係數、對大氣的熱對流係數,以及不同的物理模型。在本文中比較這些方法的差異及了解上述方法的優缺點。對於有限差分法,它是最通用且容易的方法,但是所需的計算時間太長。FTA可以快速地算出各元件的相對溫度,但是無法得到晶片的真實溫度。總熱阻模擬法則是一個可以快速算出晶片平均溫度的方法,而且還能維持有相當的準確度。由總熱阻模擬法求得之晶片溫度可用來補償FTA的結果而得到各元件的真實溫度。

Electro-Thermal Simulation for Design of VLSI Circuits
Dun-Meng Liao
Department of Mechanical Engineering
National Chung Hsing University, Taichung, Taiwan
This study reports the results of the electro-thermal simulation for design of VLSI circuits. Three different approaches have been used to simulate the thermal and the electro-thermal effects on ICs, which are demonstrated in temperature distribution and temperature growth. The three approaches are the finite different method (FDM), the fast thermal analysis (FTA), and the thermal resistance method (TRM). The FDM, which is widely used in heat transfer calculations, basically serves as the benchmark of the simulation. The FTA, which is based on the Green's function and error function, provides fast estimation of the relative temperatures for all components of the circuit. The TRM, which treats the heat transfer occurring in the chip as in Ohm's law, offers a quick computation of the average temperature of the chip and the computational results may be utilized to compensate the relative values obtained with FTA. This study compares the simulation results calculated with each of the three methods. The comparison has also been made for parameters raging from the package material and modeling to the heat convection environment.
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