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標題: 以準分子雷射拖拉法製作3D微結構之研究
作者: 程偉倫
關鍵字: excimer laser;準分子雷射;laser dragging;micro lens array;3D microstructure;雷射拖拉法;微透鏡陣列;3D微結構
出版社: 機械工程學系
本研究主要是探討以準分子雷射拖拉法製作3D微結構之技術,主要目標為製作精密之非球面微透鏡。論文主要內容分為實驗與模擬軟體建構兩個部分。實驗部分乃是利用準分子雷射(Excimer Laser)加工機以雷射拖拉法(Laser dragging)製作3D微結構,探討加工結果與準分子雷射加工機各項加工參數之關係。模擬軟體建構的部分則是根據先期實驗之數據,分別以線性模型及非線性模型來模擬加工程序,其中之非線性模型乃是以多層前饋式類神經網路來建構。

This thesis investigates the fabrication processes of the three-dimensional microstructure by using excimer laser dragging method. The main goal is to develop a systematic process to precisely fabricate a non-spherical micro lens array.
The contents of this research can be divided into two parts, experiments and simulation software developing. Relationships between the quality of the final products and the control parameters are analyzed by using the experimental data. The experimental data is then further adopted to formulate both linear and nonlinear process models by linear regression and neural network techniques, respectively.
In our excimer laser dragging experiments, only the polycarbonate (PC) substrate is studied. The polycarbonate based micro lens array manufactured by excimer laser power can be smoothed by further reflowing processes.
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