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標題: 增強型的線上字典服務:設計與實作
Design and implementation of an advanced online dictionary service
作者: 蔡宗男
Tsai, Tzung-Nan
關鍵字: 線上字典;online dictionary
出版社: 科技管理研究所
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依據分析的結果,以“A Web-Feed Based Service for Enhancing Asynchronous Learning on Personal Computers and Mobile Devices” (浦涵蓉,2012) 這篇論文的字典服務為基礎,設計一個更能滿足使用者的需求的線上字典系統為本研究的主要目的。字典內容融合現有各線上字典的長處,系統架構運用Web 2.0及分散式處理的觀念,結合Mashup、螢幕擷取、Ajax、API、雲端服務、社群分享等技術,實作一個進階版的字典服務。在線上字典服務的功能及效能上都能得到更進一步的進展。

English is the most commonly used language of the world. People need to consult the meaning of words in dictionary when reading or communicating in languages crossing. No matter using the paper dictionary or on-line dictionary, the processing of consulting the dictionary is really trivial and time-costing. In addition, the modern people tend to rely on computer, smartphone and internet deeply. And, the on-line dictionary is one of the most used web services in Taiwan. Thus, under condition of people need to discuss the same paper before consulting dictionary for abundant words, how to save time effectively without the language obstacle is the purpose this study try to explore and fix.
The study first collected as more Chinese-English Dictionary websites and online website analysis tool as possible, then used the appropriate online website analysis tool to analyze the dictionary website for searching the differences among each dictionary website. After all these, we categorized the dictionary websites and found out the rating standard of online dictionary. And also gave advices to the improvement/development of online dictionary''s future.
Based on the analysis result and the foundation of “A Web-Feed Based Service for Enhancing Asynchronous Learning on Personal Computers and Mobile Devices"( Shuchih Ernest Chang and Ching-Huei Tung, 2010), this study design an online dictionary system to satisfy users'' needs. The content of designed dictionary combined with advantages of each online dictionary. The system structure used the concept of Web2.0 distributed process and connected with techniques of Mashup, print screen, Ajax, API, cloud services, social network sites sharing, etc. It could be a progress for both function and efficacy of online dictionary services.
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