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標題: 具有線上輔助修正之前饋主動噪音控制器的設計與實作
Design and implementation of Feed-forward Active Noise Controllers with On-line Tuning for Acoustic Ducts
作者: 林士能
Lin, Shih-Neng
關鍵字: Active noise Control;主動噪音控制;FXLMS Algorithm;Modeling Matching;適應性控制;模式匹配
出版社: 機械工程學系

Feed-forward active noise controllers with on-line tuning are designed for acoustic ducts in this thesis. A hybrid system identification technique is first utilized to establish a model that includes dynamics of one-dimensional sound field and associated actuating subsystems. Base on this model, we design a feed-forward active noise controller by using a model matching technique. An on-line tuning feed-forward active noise controller is then obtained by combining this designed feed-forward active noise controller with an adaptive FIR filter using filtered-X LMS algorithms. Both computer simulations and experiments are carried out to demonstrate broadband noise reduction performance of the proposed approach.
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