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標題: 模式參考離散動態滑動模式控制器設計
The discrete-type dynamic sliding mode controller based on model reference
作者: 張俊卿
關鍵字: 增維式滑動曲面;模式參考法
出版社: 機械工程學系

In this thesis, a discrete-type dynamic sliding mode control scheme based on model reference method is studied.
Conventional sliding mode controller design concept assumes that the controlled plane is on the sliding surface initially. However, the controlled plane is away from the sliding surface during the hitting period. To ensure that the controlled plane is with the sliding surface from the initial state, the conventional 2-D sliding plane is replaced by a 3-D surface. The additional dimension takes the initial condition into consideration and therefore enlarges the function of the sliding mode control. Furthermore, the model reference method is used to enable the systematic design of the slope of the sliding surface according to the pre-determined reference model.
Computer simulations with the AC servo motor precise positioning application demonstrate that the new proposed discrete sliding mode control scheme performs better than the conventional approach. The AC servo motor can quickly be driven to the desired position with influence of noise and unknown parameters eliminated.
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