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標題: 應用機器視覺於螺絲外型之檢測
The Appearance Inspection of the Screw by Machine Vision
作者: 許焜程
關鍵字: Automatic inspection;瑕疵檢測;screw;image process;Machine vision;螺絲;影像處理;機器視覺
出版社: 機械工程學系

The purpose of this thesis is to inspect the appearance defects of screws by machine vision. The proposed inspection system has been implemented and samples are tested to show that the system is applicable.
The screw inspection includes two steps, one is the inspection of the screw heading, the other step is the inspection of screw thread rolling. Before the inspection, the hardware equipment has to be calibrated. In a ring light illuminating environment, the standard screw image and the inspected screw image are extracted. And image pre-processes, such as decrease noise, and image binary, are imposed. Furthermore, images are processed by rotating and position adjusting. On the inspection of screw heading step, taper of screw axle and the dimensions of screws are examined. On the inspection of screw thread rolling, the defects screw threads are examined.
Finally, samples are tested to show that the system performance is highly accurate and the system is on-line practicable. The system will increase the accuracy of the screw inspection and save time and effort of the inspection process comparing to manual inspection. And the results will form a foundation for the automatic inspection of other products in the future.
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