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標題: 軸對稱有孔板件張伸成形之研究
A Study of Axisymmetric Sheet Steel with a Hole in Stretch Forming
作者: 張景閔
Chang, Jin-Min
關鍵字: stretching forming;張伸成形;sheet steel with a hole;stamping;有孔板件;沖壓成形
出版社: 機械工程學系

This study is based on the concept of the theory of plasticity to confer the stretch forming process of axisymmetric sheet steel with a hole and describe the relationship between cup height and hole diameter. The experiments with various hole diameter are carried out to verify the relationship of the theoretical analysis. With the experiment results , the accuracy and the trusty of the analysis results of finite element method is conferred. The process parameters that are not presented by experiment and theoretical analysis are investigated by the elasto-plastic finite element method. For example, the punch radius and the die radius are, etc. The forming products with different process parameters are conferred in the relationship between cup height and the deformation of hole diameter, and the relationship between punch load and punch stroke.
This research has more outcomes in the analysis of forming process and process parameters. With the analyses and researches of different parameters and forming conditions, the effects of forming products are known before the forming. The achievements of this study could be used in the design and the development of sheet steel with a hole in stretch forming.
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