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標題: 高速銑削之切削力研究
An Investigation on Cutting Force of High-Speed Milling
作者: 柳義耿
Liu, Yi-Keng
關鍵字: high-speed machining;高速切削;cutting force;aluminum alloy;切削力;鋁合金
出版社: 機械工程學系

High-speed Machining (HSM) is a machining method with low cutting depth, high feed rate and high cutting speed. It takes the advantages of lower machining time and cost as well as lower thermal deformation and cutting force. This thesis investigates the cutting forces of HSM from two aspects. First, the trajectories of cutting edges are investigated so that cutting forces can be estimated from the thickness of chip. A software for simulating cutting forces of HSM is then developed based on the analysis. Secondary, HSM experiments are designed and conducted for measuring cutting forces of aluminum alloy. The results are compared with the theoretical cutting forces derived from the first part. It shows that errors are within 15% for tangential forces; 40% for cutting forces in X direction and 25% in Y direction. Errors from face milling are relatively higher than that from end milling, in all tangential, X and Y directions. The results from simulation, though with certain error, can be used for estimating cutting forces in HSM.
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