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標題: 金融海嘯、公司治理與公司績效
Financial Tsunami, Corporate Governance, and Corporate Performance
作者: Hung, Yu-Chiao
關鍵字: finance tsunami;金融海嘯;corporate governance;agency problem;公司治理;代理人問題
出版社: 財務金融系所
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(ii)在Tobin’s Q方面,內部人持股率、董事會規模以及機構投資人持股在風暴期間對Tobin’s Q也有顯著關係,並且風暴後一年的實證結果則沒有那麼的顯著,但若比較風暴中與非風暴時期之公司治理變數對Tobin’s Q的影響,則實證結果顯示,金融風暴時期,各種公司治理變數並無特別的比非風暴時期顯著。

This study uses the financial tsunami as the background to explore the performances of the companies which are going on the market, cabinet in Taiwan , and what effects do the corporate governance of their own have on the value of the firm during this period. And we then extend the time period into one year later after the financial tsunami to do research on the relationship between corporate governance and firm value. Finally, we compare values and performances of the firms to see if the factor of corporate governance affects them more in the period of financial tsunami than in the period of non-financial tsunami .This question is what we want to ask.
Empirical results:
(i) As for the stock return, the ratio of insider ownership, board size and institutional investors holding shares have significant impacts on the stock return during financial tsunami; however, one year after the financial tsunami, it doesn't have significant relationship for stock return. If we compare the two periods, financial tsunami and non-crisis, the factor of corporate governance during financial tsunami shows a more significant impact on the company''s stock return than in non-crisis period.
(ii)how about the Tobin''s Q? The ratio of insider ownership, board size and institutional investors holding shares also have significant impacts on the company's Tobin''s Q during financial tsunami. However, one year after the financial tsunami, it doesn't have particularly significant relationship for Tobin''s Q either. If we compare impacts of the factor of corporate governance on Tobin''s Q in financial tsunami times with non-crisis period, the variables of corporate governance do not show more significant relationship for Tobin''s Q during financial tsunami than during non-crisis times.
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