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標題: 鍛造預成形幾何參數最佳化之有限元素分析
作者: 黃錫勳
關鍵字: Preform design;預成形設計;Taguchi method;Regression analysis;田口法;迴歸分析
出版社: 機械工程學系

This study describes a method which uses Taguchi method to combined with regression analysis and finite-element method in the optimum preform geometry which ensures that in the finishing step the desired product is obtained with completely filling of the die cavity, with a minimum material loss in flash and defect-free products. This method uses orthogonal table planning experiments initially, then creates polynomial model which links the parameters of preform geometry with S/N ratio by regression analysis. This mathematical model can be utilized to optimize the parameters of preform geometry. The three-dimensional forging of aluminum alloy material is taken as an example to demonstrate the proposed optimum design method. This paper proposes the optimum design principle which uses Taguchi method combined with regression analysis. It could be used when developing preform die in forging.
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