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標題: 應用TRIZ理論改善設計研究 --以搥擊式打釘槍為例
The Research of Applying TRIZ to Improve Design--A Case Study of Thumping Nailers
作者: 簡嘉郁
Chang, Ju-Yin
關鍵字: TRIZ;創新設計;Thumping Nailers;搥擊式打釘槍
出版社: 機械工程學系所

The paper of this study make use of TRIZ contradiction matrix theory with a single feature rules. In order to obtain a more objectivity or diversity of innovative rules. TRIZ theory is a set of generic and innovative ways, and not confined to a particular territory. For the innovative design staff, the precondition is that have to realize the problem. After analysis the problem in clearly to result the conflict from requirement and completely imitate the TRIZ contradiction matrix and to obtain the innovative rules. Due to the different quantities of the innovative rules in the contradiction matrix, in the meanwhile; the innovative rules also are limited to the guidance of creative thinking. Therefore, this study suggests that features with a single rule so that you can easily and rapidly to select the innovative rules and the construct of creative thinking.
Following the above method to thump type Stapler as an example for innovative design to collect the patents of similar tools and get avoid the design problems of patents. After obtaining the innovative design, you can use the simulation of CAE analysis software to compare with other similar products. The proved way is indeed effective to improve the product design of hand tools.
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