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1-A hybrid optimization algorithm based on Endocrine Particle Swarm and Artificial Bee Algorithm for classification model selection謝易修; Yi-Hsiu Hsieh
2-A Study on Junior High Students' Adoption Willingness of Online English E-learning江家豪; Jia-Hao Jiang
3-A Study of Efficient Search in P2P Network翁俊政; Jun-Zheng Yoong
4-Developing a Personal Information Inventory Tracking and Managing System曾令嫻; Ling-Hsien Tseng
5-Application of data mining for die-saw process in assembly of IC industry.莊憲昌; Hsien-Chang Chuang
6-Deploy VMWare Virtual Server Virtual Desktop Infrastructure:The Case of Cheng-kung Hill Substitute Service Training Center (SSTC).莊玉麟; Yu-Lin Chuang
7-MAP2 Antibody Staining Rat Brain Tissue Image Based Stroke Stage Diagnostic Method楊智婷; Chih-Ting Yang
8-A Study of Data Perturbation in Outsourced Databases for Preserving Privacy楊立誠; Li-Cheng Yang
9-Dog Nose Region Image Segementation楊千瑩; Chien-Ying Yanng
10-Ratio Computation of Stroke Rat Brain Infarct Volume and Atrophy Volume Relative to the Normal Brain Volume張雅嵐; Ya-Lan Chang
11-Reversible data hiding based on block scaning and adjacent pixel difference王健宇; Chien-Yu Wang
12-Application of territorial defense based Lion's Algorithms for Feature Selection with Support Vector Machine Classifiers魏振庭; Jhen-ting Wei
13-The Study of Housing Rental Service Model Base on Consideration of Commuting Time吳羽姍; Yu-Shan Wu
14-Privacy Image Protection Using Fine-grained Technique王楚帆; Chu-Fan Wang
15-Document Overlapping Clustering Using Formal Concept Analysis林于婷; Yu-Ting Lin
16-A Value-added Mobile System Design Provided by Construction Company for Community Residents王恩捷; En-Chieh Wang
17-A Chinese Unknown Words Extraction Model for The Blog Connect黃政傑; Jeng Jie Huang
18-Designing and Developing A Personalized Location-based Mobile Tourism Application蔡佳倫; Jia-Lun Tsai
19-NeuN Antibody Staining Rat Brain Neurons Smear Images Based Stroke Diagnostic System游凱傑; Kai-Jie You
20-A Design of Leisure Participation Information Service Model for the Elderly江學明; Hsueh-Ming Chiang
21-The Construction of An iHealth Mobile Healthcare System – A Case Study of Iris林筱薇; Hsiao-Wei Lin
22-Feature Selection based on an Improved Cat Swarm Optimization張愷元; Kai-Yuan Zhang
23-MRI Image Based Automatic Vertebrae Segmentation Method洪愷均; Kai-Chun Hung
24-User Intention Analysis and System Development for Physical Fitness鍾奉陵; Feng-Ling Chung
25-Development of Wafer Bin Map Multiple Pattern Recognition Model-Using Genetic Algorithm顏懷先; Huai-Hsien Yen
26-Prediction of Ovarian Cancer Stages and Construction of Gene Network by Integrating Machine Learning and Bioinspired Algorithms林守羿; Shou-Yi Lin
27-A Study on Time-Based Assured Deletion and Access Control in Cloud Storage Service林睦庭; Mu-Ting Lin
28-Authenticated Key Exchange and Keyword Search Schemes and Their Applications to Cloud Storage Service李欽文; Chin-Wen Lee
29-The Study of Security Mechanisms for Value-Added Services in Vehicular Cloud陳相伃; Hsiang-Yu Chen
30-A Study of Custom Panoramas Walkthrough System and Route Direction Mobile App陳子儀; Tzu-Yi Chen
31-A Study of Mobile Heterogeneous Network Service Efficiency林鈺龍; Yu-Long Lin
32-A Study of Data Mining of Electric Power Load Management of High Voltage Customers in Taiwan呂惠芳; Hui-Fang Lu
33-A Study of Image Authentication Technique by Applying Fixed Point of Regular Stochastic Matrix on DCT劉耕孜; Ken-Tzu Liu
34-A Study of Key Factors of the Adoption Willingness of Electricity Green Button APP and Electricity Information Management System黃永豪; Yung-Hao Huang
35-Study of Bio-inspired Algorithms Applied to Human cDNA Microarray Dataset of Ovarian Cancer Target Genes蔡宇紘; Yu-Hung Tsai
36-The Study on Scalable Key management Scheme in Advanced Metering Infrastructure林靖樺; Ching-Hua Lin
37-Automatically Categorizing Blog Articles Using Ontology Tree Built by DBpedia簡學群; Hsueh-Chun Chien
38-A Study Using Extended Technology Acceptance Model to Examine Consumers' Acceptance for NFC Mobile Device Function羅盛楨; Sheng-Chen Lo
39-Malignant Hypertensive Retinopathy Diagnosing System Based on Image郭安陞; An-Shang Kuo
40-A Study on Students' Acceptance of Science E-Learning for Junior High School黃俊憲; Jyun-Sian Huang
41-The study of NFC wallet陳正豪; Cheng-Hao Chen
42-The Study on Mobile Application Recommendation Mechanisms何于凡; Yu-Fan Ho
43-Plasmodium Falciparum Diagnosis System Based On Blood Smear Image蘇裕閔; Yu-Min Su
44-A Study of Secure Data Storages with User Revocation in Cloud Computing洗煒傅; Wei-Fu Hsien
45-The Risk Assessment of Personal Information Management System in Taiwan吳俞萱; Yu-Hsuan Wu
46-影響飲料塑膠瓶生產量之相關因素探討林瑀涵; Yu-Han Lin
47-有效的自嵌入認證水印用於圖像竄改檢測與恢復陳昭如; Zhao-Ru Chen
48-延伸像素排序及預測誤差估算的高藏量可逆式資訊隱藏技術之研究曾柏勳; Po-Hsun Tseng
49-樣品鞋開發管理資訊系統之研究-以中部某一製鞋業為例黃俊欽; Chun-Chin Huang
50-以監督式學習及資料重整技術於預測慢性腎臟病之研究黃吉立; Chi-Li Huang
Results 1-50 of 177 (Search time: 0.072 seconds).