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標題: 高低速二段式冷卻水塔與變頻式冷卻水塔運轉成本之分析比較-以12吋半導體廠為例
Operating Cost Comparison of High/Low Two-Speed Cooling Tower and Variable-Frequency Drives Cooling Tower -In a 12-inch Semiconductor Factory
作者: 王森樺
Wang, Sen-Hua
關鍵字: high/low two-speed cooling tower;高低速二段式冷卻水塔;VFD cooling tower;operating costs;energy saving;變頻式冷卻水塔;運轉成本;節能
出版社: 機械工程學系所
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Semiconductor is a highly energy-consuming industry. In order to reduce production cost, energy saving issues should be highly addressed. In semiconductor facilities, VFD (Variable-Frequency Drives) is widely used as a technique for energy-saving. In this work, detailed operating -cost items for two sets of cooling towers with two different control modes in the cooling system of a 12-inch semiconductor factory were analyzed. One of the two control modes is high/low two-speed, the other is VFD. The operating costs include power of fan motor, make-up water in cooling towers, processing fees for waste water drainage disposal and water treatment dosing. Time period for the measurement is one year. The average operating costs per RT (ton of refrigeration) per month were recorded from January 2008 to December 2008. The result shows that, in terms of energy saving, the VFD cooling tower is more effective in winter than in summer. Comparing the cooling towers operating at the VFD mode with those operating at the high/low two-speed mode, the average saving of the operating cost for the former is about 13.5% per month. This analysis recommends to substitute the high/low two-speed controller with the VFD controller. The payback time for this substitution is 5.5 years.
其他識別: U0005-2605200922293700
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