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標題: 影像註冊於轉盤定位之研究
Study of Image Registration for Rotary Disk Positioning
作者: 李政隆
Lee, Jheng-Lung
關鍵字: Registration;註冊;FFT;phase correlation;sub-pixel;window function;Rotary DiskPositioning;快速傅立葉轉換;相位相關;次像素;窗函數;轉盤定位
出版社: 機械工程學系所
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Image registration is an important preprocessing operation that aligns the pixels of one image to corresponding pixels of a second image. In order to achieve accurate registration of images of a scene taken from different times, and to obtain accurate estimates of rotary disk positioning , so it is necessary to obtain accurate transform vector.
The registration process divided into two stages: the first was modulate the original images with a Hanning window, so the discontinuities at the boundaries of the image are eliminated and based on phase correlation which utilizes the phase shift property of Fourier transform to robustly provides pixel accurate registration. Rotational movement can be deduced in a similar manner using the phase correlation by representing the rotation as a translational displacement with polar coordinates. The second step we are interested in the refinement of coarsely registered images to sub-pixel accuracy ,so using the by extending the phase correlation method, analyze discrete phase difference of two shifted images that is a 2-dimensional saw-tooth signal and by unwrap this phase difference signal further obtain sub-pixel registered parameters.
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