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標題: A Study of The IPO's Initial Excess Return Under Vietnam's Stock Market
越南證券市場新上市(櫃)股票初期超額報酬 之研究
作者: 阮氏碧幸
Thi, Bich-Hanh Nguyen
關鍵字: IPO;新股上市;Vietnam stock market;underpricing;financial performance;越南股票市場;財務比例
出版社: 財務金融系所
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The study examined the whether finance performance and other ability fator affects the short-run's initial public offerings return under Vietnam stock market. Using the data on 118 on the both Hochiminh and Hanoi Stock Exchange from 1 January 2006 to 30 June 2010. I found that the average initial excess return on the 30 day of trading are over1.92%. Using the OLS regression model to explain the affects on Vietnam stock return. As the result shows that:
i) This research proposes Vietnam stock market consistent underpricing phenomanon. Underpricing of Ho Chi Minh stock exchange center is higher than Hanoi stock exchange's.
ii) From initial exess abnormal return analysis and mean of short-run cumulative excess abnormal return, it proposed Vietnam stock have possitive on short-run IPO return.
iii) Finance performance, IPOs size, the firm of capital had strong signification effects Vietnam short-run IPO stock return.
iv) The IPO cummulative abnormal return not affected by place of IPO, also affect by the year of IPO and industry of IPO.

1. 在胡志明市的新股上市承銷價比在河內市上市的新股承銷價來得高。
2. 在越南上市的新股發行短期內皆有正向報酬。
3. 公司的財務表現、新股發行數量、與公司的資本額將影響該公司新股上市的短期報酬。
4. 依據上市的地點、上市的年份、及新上市所屬之產業的不同,其新股上市的股票累積異常報酬也不同。
其他識別: U0005-2401201123102400
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