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標題: 液滴撞擊在不同特性的液膜之實驗分析
Experimental Analysis of Droplet Impacting on Liquid Film with Different Properties
作者: 林立堯
Lin, Li-Yao
關鍵字: impacting droplet;撞擊液滴;liquid film;cavity structure;液膜;空腔結構
出版社: 機械工程學系所
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This study investigates the temporal characteristics of an impinging droplet onto liquid film of different thickness and various properties via a high speed camera. The depth, the diameter, the receding velocity of the cavity structure and the form of the central jet above the liquid film are the subjects of primary interest. Four liquid film thickness, six different properties are employed to realize the transient behavior of the impinging droplet onto these liquid films.

The experimental results show that: (a) During the impacting stage (t * <3): the property and the film thickness will not strongly affect the development of the cavity structure; but the time while the impact stage ends maybe longer or shorter depending upon the viscosity of the liquid film. (b) In the developing stage (3 8): the differences between the viscosity and the film thickness of the liquid film will not strongly affect the of withdrawing trend. However, if the viscosity of the liquid film increases, the penetration depth the cavity structure will decrease.
其他識別: U0005-2808200920294400
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